Computed tomography (CT of teeth)

Computed tomography (CT of teeth) | Photo 1 - Dentistry Dobrozub

Computed tomography in dentistry

Computed tomography (CT of the teeth) is an advanced diagnostic method that gives the doctor an idea of the 3D structure of the bone, root canals, the structure of the maxillary sinus, nasal passages, and even the condition of the joints.

We use CT in our comprehensive treatment plans and this imaging option often saves teeth because we are not blind! In surgery, it is certainly the main companion of implantation, tooth extraction and bone tissue restoration. Obtaining information about the location of the nerve, vessels or mucosal thickness significantly increases the safety of manipulations and gives a complete picture of the situation.

Computed tomography (CT of teeth) | Photo 2 - Dentistry Dobrozub

We conduct these studies on the cutting-edge Finnish Planmeca apparatus. This is one of the world leaders in accuracy, which has significantly lower radiation doses than inexpensive analogues.

Computed tomography of teeth — price in Kyiv

3D image of teeth (has a lower level of strain on the patient’s body, compared to companies using older technologies).

Computed tomography (1 jaw)
20 €
Computed tomography (2 jaws)
35 €
Computed tomography of joints
30 €
Computed tomography of the skull
60 €
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