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A 3D x-ray of teeth is the key to effective and high-quality treatment, since the further success of dental treatment depends on an accurate, professional diagnosis of the condition of the teeth and oral cavity. Three-dimensional X-ray examination is a modern, advanced diagnostic method.

Please note that a 3D dental X-ray is not only a diagnostic, but also a control of the treatment, determining the level of its effectiveness and the quality of the results obtained.

3D dental x-ray services that we provide

Computed tomography (CT) of teeth 3D

Computed tomography of the jaw is done during dental treatment. It is carried out in order to pay attention to the anatomical features of the structure of the teeth, roots, canals, to see the state of the jaw bone tissue.

Computed tomography is also done when dental treatment is carried out, operations and implantations are planned.

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Having made a CT scan, you will be able to:

  • Detect hidden caries, inflammation.
  • Determine whether unerupted teeth remained, whether there are anomalies in their development.
  • Plan for bone restoration.
  • Detect neoplasms, injuries resulting from injuries.
  • Check the quality of placement of the seal and the implant.
  • Determine the processes of bone destruction at any stage.
  • Assess the condition of the bone to select the most appropriate implant.
  • Determine the shape of the roots to plan their correct extraction.

By performing computed tomography, it is possible to examine different zones, it can be either one or two teeth, or the entire jaw. Based on the obtained image, the doctor will be able to choose the best solution to the problem.

Our dental clinic uses a modern Planmeca machine to perform computed tomography.

Panoramic x-ray of teeth

It is impossible to perform most procedures without a panoramic x-ray of teeth.

Examining the panoramic x-ray, the doctor will see:

  • The kind of teeth.
  • Is there caries on the roots, in the canals.
  • How deep are the cavities of contact between the teeth.
  • Whether there are cysts, unerupted teeth, other neoplasms.
  • What is the condition of the maxillary sinuses.

Such a study should be carried out if prosthetics, implantation, braces, complex tooth extraction are planned. Thus, it will be possible to assess how thick the bone tissue is, the distance to the mandibular nerves, maxillary sinuses, in order to draw up the correct treatment plan.

Also, a panoramic image determines what stage of periodontitis, where the focus of inflammation of the bone tissue, control how teeth grow in young children.

In our clinic, this procedure is carried out using a modern Planmeca device.

Periapical X-ray

A periapical x-ray of the tooth should be done when the diagnosis of diseases is required. The fundamental factor of this method is the impact of X-rays, the strength of which directly depends on the chosen apparatus.

The use of modern sensors makes it possible to obtain a radiation dose comparable to a couple of eaten bananas.

3D x-ray of teeth | Photo 3 - Dentistry Dobrozub

During this procedure, the doctor may examine one or more teeth to look for:

  • Inflammatory processes.
  • Irregular teething in children.
  • The quality of root canal filling.
  • Is it possible to prosthetize a tooth, what is the condition of the tooth tissues.
  • The position of the implant.

Experts pay attention to an important factor in high-quality implantation – taking targeted images between stages to assess whether the material has taken root, whether there are any tissue deformations.

At the stage of bite correction, it is also important to take targeted pictures in order to control what position the teeth take, how the roots are located.

In our dentistry in Kyiv, when taking an aiming picture, they use the Vatech Ez visiograph. Its feature is a low dose of radiation, as well as excellent quality, high accuracy of the resulting image.

When is it necessary to perform a 3D dental X-ray?

After 3D dental X-ray, the doctor will receive all the necessary information, determine the state of your dentoalveolar system, and pathologies will be excluded or confirmed. The probability of a medical error at the stage of diagnosis is practically excluded.

When should you take a 3D dental X-ray?

  • When it is necessary to confirm or refute anomalies in the development of teeth.
  • Detect carious destruction invisible to the eye.
  • Determine the program in orthodontic, therapeutic, orthopedic treatment.
  • Detect diseases of the maxillary sinuses.
  • Detect neoplasms.
  • Select the size of the implant.

The procedure should not be performed for women in position, but if necessary, the amount of radiation exposure the doctor determines independently. Each case is considered individually, attention is paid to the ratio of benefits for the mother and risks for the child.

What are the advantages of 3D X-ray

3D x-ray of teeth makes it possible to obtain a three-dimensional image. By modeling a 3D x-ray of teeth in a three-dimensional projection, it is possible to see the problem and obtain the maximum amount of information. X-ray can be detailed.

3D dental diagnostics – main advantages

  • The speed of the procedure – on modern equipment, a high-quality image is obtained in a few seconds, the maxillofacial region can be photographed from certain required angles.
  • A high-quality three-dimensional image – a 3D snapshot of teeth allows you to carefully study the problem, diagnose the disease or control the manipulations performed using different angles, depths, and planes.
  • High level of accuracy – 3D dental X-ray is characterized by the fact that the probability of its distortion is excluded, this will prevent misinterpretation of the information received and the appointment of subsequent treatment.
  • Safety of the procedure 3D dental X-ray – the level of radiation exposure is minimal.

If you need to perform a 3D X-ray of your teeth in Kyiv, our dentistry is at your service. We have modern high-precision equipment, highly qualified doctors who will take a picture, decipher it and offer optimal solutions to the problem.

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