All-on-4 implantation system:
why should I choose it?

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What is All-on-4?

All-on-4 is a procedure that will give patients with missing teeth the opportunity to feel the joy of chewing an apple again, and for those who need to have teeth removed, it is an opportunity to avoid all the inconveniences of missing teeth. You no longer need to wash your dentures after eating and put them in a glass before going to bed. Thanks to this procedure, you will get complete teeth and return youth to your smile!


All-on-4 or “all on four” is a method of restoring teeth, which is used in the most difficult cases: with partial or complete loss of teeth (adentia), insufficient volume of bone tissue, with severe forms of periodontitis. After tooth extraction, we install the patient with an implant and temporary teeth, which we later change to permanent ones.

The peculiarity of All-on-4 implantation is that it allows you to replace lost teeth of the upper or lower jaw with the help of only 4 implants, which become a support mechanism for installing a new set of teeth. We fasten the first two implants in the front section and one more in the lateral sections, at an angle of 30º. This approach allows you to avoid complex anatomical areas.

During the All-on-4 procedure, we use a digital modeling protocol, a surgical guide, and the strongest implants — all of which will help you get the smile you want in just a few days.

Why is the All-on-4 procedure suitable for me?


You will be able to return to a full-fledged life in the shortest possible time, because the whole process — from the operation to fixing the teeth takes from one day to one week. The implant installation operation itself lasts only a few hours, and the production of temporary teeth using modern methods takes from a few hours to 2-3 days.


Even temporary prostheses allow you to safely chew solid food without problems and fear that something will happen to them. The implants we use are titanium-zirconium alloy, which has the best biocompatibility and strength among implants. We also have excellent statistics in implanting artificial roots — successful osseointegration occurs in 99% of cases.


We pre-plan the surgical guides to which we attach the implants. When we start the operation, we immediately focus on the teeth that will be in the final result. That is why the chance of hygienic and aesthetic problems is minimal. This is the advantage of the procedure over the classic approach, where after the operation the dental technician does not have the opportunity to model the teeth according to the patient’s individual anatomical features. Because of this, the patient can use crookedly made teeth for half a year, and the opportunity to redo them appears only 3 months after installation.

Minimal invasiveness and absence of bone grafting

All-on-4 is a minimally invasive procedure, so even with atrophy of the upper jaw bone, we avoid auxiliary surgical intervention – sinus lifting.

You will get an aesthetic and harmonious smile

We strive for our patients’ smiles to be in harmony with their face shape and age. Digital modeling allows us to make teeth that match the person in shape, inclination and even chewing cusps. They complement them and become an authentic part of a person to such an extent that no one around suspects that the new teeth are artificial.

You will not have any swelling after surgery

We will provide you with an easy postoperative period, because we use a microsurgical approach in the procedure. Thys mens that even before not exfoliate the gms vgen installing implants, but perform al procedurees throug a surgical 3D guide.

You will not feel discomfort

We strive to make the entire procedure comfortable and painless. That is why during the operation you can sleep, and your condition will be monitored by our anesthesiologist and nurse – they will monitor pressure indicators using special devices. This will help to avoid your additional stress and worries before and during the operation.

How does the All-on-4 procedure work?

Comprehensive examination

At this stage, we collect information about your general state of health, chronic diseases, analyze the condition of your oral cavity, and study the anatomical features of the maxillofacial apparatus.

To do this, we conduct photodiagnostics, computer tomography (CT) and take digital impressions.

Digital adaptation of teeth and production of 3D guide.

After that, we make temporary and permanent structures for your teeth. Here we use digital dental modeling — a modern technological approach that allows you to create a project model of your future smile and predict the exact placement of implants.
Such machine manufacturing allows us to clearly reach the desired positions as a result. That is why we can avoid distortion of implant positions and problems in the manufacture of temporary or permanent teeth (which can also lead to problems in independent oral hygiene).

By the way, a similar protocol is used by the world’s leading doctors in the manufacture of veneers. This allows you to get the maximum aesthetic result, even on temporary teeth.

Installation of implants.

According to the digital template, we print a surgical guide on a 3D printer and precisely install the implants to the positions we specified. During installation, you will not feel pain, because the procedure takes place under anesthesia or in sleep (under sedation). After the operation, you may feel slight discomfort, but it will disappear after taking painkillers and will completely disappear after 1-3 days.

In addition, about 90 percent of our patients do not have swelling at all, because we perform the operation without exfoliating the gums and the installation takes place clearly in the specified positions through the guide. We often avoid suturing at all, since we install the implant without incisions.
Our task is to manufacture and install teeth in the shortest possible time for better implantation of implants and restoration of chewing function and aesthetics. Therefore, we fix the teeth immediately after the operation or within a few days after, depending on the protocol. This allows you to immediately restore the aesthetic appearance and functionality of your teeth.

These temporary teeth are built on a reinforced framework, so you can chew, smile and use your temporary teeth just as you would your permanent teeth.

3D guide creation

The 3D guide clearly links the position of the implant to the overall design of the future teeth. It is thanks to it that we can install our implants with millimeter accuracy, and not get any problems when using them later.

Photoprotocol of DSD digital smile modeling

At this stage, we transfer all aesthetic information to the technician, who uploads the photo and accurately compares it with the project. This is necessary so that our temporary teeth, and later permanent teeth, fit the patient and have a biologically correct closure.

Photo after implantation

An important feature of the procedure on all fours is the installation of implants at an angle that will make it possible to bypass the maxillary sinus and avoid sinus lifting. Multiunit abutments are installed on implants, thereby correcting their positions, as well as providing the opportunity to make screw fixation on temporary and permanent teeth.

This is custom heading element

Contraindications to the procedure may be systemic diseases in a state of exacerbation. After the diseases are put into remission, the procedure can be carried out. For example, we can carry out implantation in case of diabetes, however, when the sugar indicators will be stabilized at a certain mark.

Deficiency of bone tissue is a very rare contraindication for the all-fours procedure. Usually, bone tissue in the basal parts of the jaw is sufficient for this procedure, and the technologies used in this technology make it possible to place implants. In cases of complete absence of bone tissue, options for its restoration or zygomatic implantation may be considered.

Allergy – all the materials we use are hypoallergenic. In rare cases, when the patient still has an allergy to one of the components of artificial teeth, we conduct allergy tests and choose a material that will be well received by the body.

Complete rehabilitation was carried out with the help of Straumann implantation. On the upper jaw, the implants were placed at an angle, bypassing the maxillary sinuses. Installation of implants was performed using a 3D guide, without significant incisions. A stable level of bone tissue, half a year after the installation of implants, before permanent teeth.

A smile after fixation of permanent zirconium structures.

Temporary teeth must be made of strong materials and have a frame to improve the implantation of implants and convenience for the patient. You can already use such teeth as your own. The teeth were fixed a few days after the operation.

Before installing permanent zirconium teeth, we test the new shape on temporary printed prostheses. This allows you to check and adjust all aesthetic parameters before producing a permanent work.

Checking the shape of the teeth, integration with respect to the shape of the lips and checking the convenience for the patient. Special attention is paid to phonetic tests. At the end, we record a video checking teeth while talking and smiling.

Permanent zirconium restorations are made according to the concept of maximum naturalness. Our key goal was to make a natural smile. The color of the teeth was chosen to be warm, neutral, and the shape was proportional to the shape of the face.

A happy smile, because a person who has appreciated all the disadvantages of removable prostheses can actually appreciate the return of such happy moments as biting an apple again and smiling freely, without the thought of inconvenience.

Will dental implants installed using the All-on-4 method take root?

There are several key factors to implant healing in all-four or all-six implant procedures and immediate loading of temporary teeth.

The first is the stability of implants connected by temporary teeth. To avoid fractures of the temporary structure, and as a result of the possible loss of implants during healing, we use reinforced teeth on a beam made by the laser sintering method. This gives a 100 percent guarantee of the absence of tooth fracture for the entire period of implantation.

The second is imprecisely installed implants – we eliminated this point by using 3D guides for installing implants. The positions are not selected “by eye”, but are clearly defined in the general project of the smile.

The third is low-quality materials. Use of implants and bone substitutes with poor biological compatibility. We use only implants and materials of the best global brands. This is the main principle of our clinic.

The fourth is the experience of doctors in carrying out the procedure. We not only use innovative products and learn from lecturers from all over the world, but also conduct courses for Ukrainian doctors on the topic of implantation, immediate loading, etc.

Below you can familiarize yourself with the work carried out in a fully digital protocol. The temporary structure on 5 implants was made based on the comfortable position of the joints, during movements of the lower jaw and chewing, as well as digital modeling of the gap – Dsd (digital smile design)

The temporary structure is made in a digital protocol on a beam using laser metal sintering technology.

The choice of the rehabilitation technique and the number of implants depends on the project of the future smile. On the upper jaw, we had only a few teeth, around which there was a significant loss of bone tissue. The temporary bridge was fixed to obtain preliminary information during the execution of temporary teeth with support for implants.

A series of photographs is taken to obtain information on maintaining the contour of the lips and visualization of the cutting edge. It also receives video during the conversation and phonetic samples. All information is transferred to a project for modeling temporary, permanent teeth and a surgical guide, through which the implants will be precisely installed.

Surgical 3D guide with support for teeth and gums. All procedures(extraction of teeth, implantation, plasty of the mucous membrane and filling of holes with bone tissue) was performed without significant exfoliation of the gums.

Appearance of the mucosa 4 days after implantation. Swelling is completely absent, a layer of fibrin film is visualized in the sockets of the extracted teeth (a yellowish surface that is formed on the collagen matrix that we used to cover the bone material in the holes), which indicates good healing.

Photo immediately after fixation of the temporary structure, 4 days after the operation. Correct closure of the teeth of the upper and lower jaw, which became possible under our digital concept, in which the entire surgical and orthopedic project is planned in a coordinated and mutually complementary manner. Good adaptation to the gums is the key to easy care for patients, which is very important during the implantation period.

The cost of the procedure

We calculate the cost of the procedure individually — everything depends on the type and material of permanent prostheses. However, we guarantee you that the All-on-4 concept will be the most economical solution for you compared to traditional implant protocols with full dentition.

For example, if you chose removable prostheses, you would have to replace them every 3-5 years due to the constant atrophy of the gums underneath and at some point the prostheses will stop being fixed at all. If we calculate the costs of temporary orthopedic structures, then the costs of “all four” implantation will be fully justified.

All-on-4 / All-on-6
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full jaw restoration with implants

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We are proud to have extremely complex cases in our practice! For example, in the case of Tamara, we performed a complex procedure to restore teeth on both jaws. As a result, we got not just teeth on implants, but a real Hollywood smile. And this with concomitant heart operations and high blood pressure!

Tamara herself told us that after the procedure her mood changed and her self-esteem even increased. We understand her, because before that the patient joked that she would soon stop eating with removable teeth! You can listen to the full story here.

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