What is implantation?

Dental implants are the best option for restoring lost teeth. How is everything going?

1. First, instead of the tooth root, we install an implant – a special titanium structure.

2. After that, we fix the crown or solid structure on several implants.

You no longer have to wait for the implant to take root. Modern dentistry makes it possible to get a new tooth immediately after surgery.

What kind of implantation is right for me?

If it is necessary to install an implant immediately after removing a problem tooth.

If the tooth is already missing.

If you are missing several teeth or need to remove the remaining teeth.

Our works

This is what our patients get after the procedure.
We have no restrictions and obstacles in our work. Regardless of how many teeth you are missing, our dentists will find the best solution to your problem.

How we work


If dental treatment is stressful for you, then we suggest avoiding it. You can independently choose the degree of immersion in sleep – from relaxation to falling asleep.


We apply templates and even before the operation we can predict the best position for installing the future crown. That is why we do the job successfully the first time!


We restore aesthetics and chewing function – both in the absence of one tooth and in the absence of all. We build bone and gums, change the height of the bite and restore worn teeth.

Why us?

The main areas of our work are regeneration and aesthetics. They are the basis of comprehensive treatment, which will help you to visit the dentist only a few times a year – for a preventive examination.

We focus on your needs.
Each case in our work is individual. We develop a special treatment strategy that takes into account your individual characteristics – age, anatomical features, pain threshold, lifestyle, your fears and concerns, as well as a comfortable time and frequency of treatment.

We change your self-esteem. We do not have patients who use removable prostheses and are ashamed of their smile. We understand that teeth are not only a tool for eating, but also an important part of your self-identity and self-esteem. That is why we treat work like art and create smiles with inspiration.

Equipment that helps create smiles

  • takes an impression and creates a digital model of the jaw;
  • minimizes implant installation errors;
  • allows to reproduce the authentic shape of the tooth even after its loss.
  • minimizes incisions;
  • helps to apply the thinnest seams;
  • reduces swelling;
  • shortens the treatment time;
  • reduces the likelihood of complications.

According to the Dental Advisor award, we use the best materials – those that have proven effectiveness and are recognized as leaders in the dental world.

Our important rule is not to cooperate with medical representatives who may offer discounts on low-quality implants, bone materials or components for making crowns.

We treat with kindness

For our entire team, treating your teeth and creating new smiles is not only our job, but also a life’s work.
So be sure – you will get the best.

Ivan Oleksandrovich Burbyga
Dentist-surgeon, implantologist, dentist-orthopedic

Elizaveta Valeriivna Burbiga
Dentist-surgeon, periodontologist

Our expertise

We not only treat, but also help to treat others! Our chief doctor – Ivan Burbyga, conducts courses for other dentists on complex manipulations – implantation, bone plastic and gum plastic.

We publish in international dental communities and share our practice and case studies with dentists from all over the world. Our doctors are constantly developing, improving their qualifications in order to create teeth that are indistinguishable from natural ones.

We help patients from all over the world


Fellow dentists



We are trusted by everyone who cares about their health and appreciates the aesthetic appearance of their smile.


Kyiv, Zhilyanska str., 75

Mon-Sat — 09:00-21:00

  • Business center “Eurasia”, entrance from the facade.
  • 12 minutes from the “Vokzalna” metro station.
  • 12 minutes from the “Universitet” metro station.
  • We have convenient parking spaces and a good transport interchange.

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