Maryna A.

An interesting and responsible case. The patient is not jokingly related to dentistry, the director of the clinic. Request for maximum naturalness and aesthetics. Performed: extraction of hopeless teeth, implantation with immediate loading of temporary teeth, micro bone plastic and gum plastic with tissue transplantation. The finish is functional and aesthetic indirect restorations.


Unsatisfactory aesthetic and functional component of the smile. Before that, several unsuccessful bone plastics were performed. That’s why we met.


Complete aesthetic and functional reconstruction of 2 jaws using implantation, bone plastic and soft tissues.

Only a few teeth remained on the upper jaw with significant loss of bone tissue.

Scanned upper jaw to build a digital project.

Modeled new temporary teeth – necessary as a guide for installing implants and for the manufacture of temporary structures.

A navigational surgical template was made for accurate operation. Without incisions, swelling and possible complications.

Implants are oriented precisely to our future teeth. Without the risk of displacement during installation, and possible complications.

The same process on the lower jaw.

A surgical guide through which implants were placed on the upper jaw.

Precise placement of implants through a template on the lower jaw.

Temporary teeth are fixed immediately after the operation.

Excellent condition of the gums already a few months after the operation. Pale pink color – confirmation of correctly performed procedures and planning.

The final result with custom-made digital restorations. We tried to implement the maximum naturalness in this work, but to preserve the effectiveness of the new smile.

Jewelry technical work. Upper lip support.

Harmony in naturalness.

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