We use the best implants

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We use the best implants

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Straumann is one of the pioneers of dental implantation. Strauman implants differ from all other systems (and there are already more than 3,000 of them) in composition – it is an alloy of titanium with Roxolid zirconium, which is 35% stronger than pure titanium. Therefore, even when there is a minimally sufficient amount of bone tissue for implant placement, you can rely on them.

Straumann made a significant contribution to the development of the Slactive surface – vacuum-produced implants do not have an oxide film, accelerate the rehabilitation period by 1 month and make it possible to install a crown with an implant in 1 visit! This is an indispensable tool and provides scientific justification for our motto – never a day without teeth!

The Straumann dental implant company was founded in Switzerland in 1954. Since then and to this day, it has been famous for its impeccable quality and control of all production processes, and this gives us a good result in treatment.

In the line of implants there are options for different types of bone tissue, and sizes – from ultra-short (4 mm) to very long (18 mm), which covers all clinical requirements. This is a reliable partner of the Dobrozub clinic, which we have chosen as the main tool for dental implantation.

  • The Blt model is a Straumann root type implant that can be used in both jaws.
  • Model Tl – Straumann implants with a polished neck, which have proven their effectiveness in the lateral areas of the jaws and are effective for placement after bone grafting and in places with critical bone height indicators. The height of implants is from 4 mm.
  • Blx Model – the latest development for the stabilization of the Straumann implant in any type of bone tissue. The super-tight connection between the Straumann implant and the abutment makes it possible to increase the stability of the bone tissue around deeply embedded implants. Indications – one-stage implantation and soft bone tissue.

Swiss Strauman implants are recommended if one or more teeth are missing in the dentition as a result of trauma, diseases, if there is complete adentia or other congenital anomalies.

Straumann implants are produced in 3 versions – pure titanium (they have the designation Ti), an alloy of titanium with zirconium Roxolid and ceramic Pure.

Straumann implants Photo 2 - Dentistry Dobrozub

Varieties of the design of Strauman implants

Types of Straumann implants:

  • Tissue level (Standart and Standard Plus) – this solution is suitable for the lateral sections of both jaws. The design consists of an elongated polished neck, due to which the necessary space is formed between the soft tissues and the artificial element. The most time-tested implant, but it has a drawback – in an aesthetically important area, the neck can be seen through the gums, giving a grayish tint.
  • Bone level Tappered Effect – such an implant is suitable for both simultaneous implantation and when the tooth has already been removed earlier. The implant shaft is very similar in shape to the root of the tooth. This form is characterized by high primary stability during installation, which makes it possible to immediately install a temporary crown. A wide selection of elements for prosthetics makes this option the most versatile.
  • Blt Sc – these models have a small diameter, so they are used in working with patients who have a small tooth gap, for example, the anterior teeth of the lower jaw. This model, combined with the high experience and professionalism of the dentist, contributes to the achievement of excellent aesthetic results.
  • Blx are implants with the highest primary stability. They are used for simultaneous implantation and immediate production of a temporary structure.
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The main features of Straumann implants

Straumann Swiss dental implants have proven themselves well in that they are characterized by the maximum level of engraftment – this figure reaches 99%. The process begins immediately after the end of the installation procedure and lasts 1.5 months less than when using competitive analogues. After the specified period, you can install the crown.

Swiss dental implants are characterized by a hydrophilic surface that promotes the formation of more cells. There are no restrictions on the life of implants – the models that were installed in the 80s still serve perfectly.

According to statistics, Strauman implants are ranked 1st in the world in terms of popularity and prevalence among premium systems. A large number of elements that help to make a durable crown and guarantee a reliable connection for many years – these are the main reasons why this is the choice of our Dobrozub clinic!

Straumann implants Photo 4 - Dobrozub Dentistry
Individually manufactured abutment and tooth have different luminescence and transparency. It is very important to make crowns that will give a uniform color.

The main advantages of Straumann implants

  • Straumann implants are characterized by the fact that the main material of manufacture is grade 4 titanium with the addition of zirconium, due to which the design is reliable, durable, and qualitatively performs the functions assigned to it. Since titanium is a biologically inert material, postoperative recovery is quite fast.
  • Straumann implantation is used in absolutely all cases of tooth loss, including congenital defects.
  • Strauman implants have proven themselves due to the high survival rate – up to 99%. Rejection may occur more due to incorrect fitting than alloy tolerance.
  • The Strauman implant has a very high strength, so fractures are less common than with all other systems. The conical shape corresponds to the root, which makes it possible to reliably stabilize it during installation.
  • The installation of the Straumann implant is accompanied by minimal restrictions, it is acceptable even with a small amount of bone, and in diseases such as diabetes mellitus.
  • Each individual Straumann implant is supplied in a special container, which guarantees sterility and no contact with other materials.
  • The Strauman implant meets all international standards in the field of dental implantology.
  • Swiss Straumann implants are presented in a wide range – with different characteristics and properties, so the dentist will be able to individually select the most suitable options and designs.

All these advantages indicate that Strauman dental implants are the optimal solution for successful and high-quality dental implantation.

Straumann implants Photo 5 - Dobrozub Dentistry
Highly aesthetic designs that have optical properties similar to tooth enamel.

Disadvantages of Straumann implants

Strauman implantation has only one drawback – high cost, in comparison with analogues from other manufacturers. This makes these implants inaccessible to most patients.

However, once you decide to invest in the health of your teeth, you will realize that the price is fully justified by the unsurpassed quality, durability of the elements and fast engraftment. And the high strength of the material makes it possible to install it in areas where the bone is thin, which saves time, money and facilitates the procedure for restoring the tooth, without building up the bone.

The installation of Straumann implants should be carried out using only original instruments, high-quality auxiliary materials from this manufacturer.

The procedure is carried out by a doctor who has received the appropriate qualifications, is aware of all the nuances and intricacies of the work, installing Straumann implants.

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Contraindications for the installation of Straumann implants

Straumann dental implantation is contraindicated if:

  • there are chronic diseases, inflammation in the oral cavity;
  • there are carious lesions that must be cured before proceeding with implantation;
  • poor oral hygiene.

It will be possible to install Straumann dental implants when contraindications are eliminated. It is allowed to install implants at any age, however, experts recommend waiting until the age of 19-20 years – by this moment the growth and formation of the jaw is completed.

In case of pregnancy, during lactation, it is also worth refraining from installing implants, due to the possible use of antibiotics.

Straumann implants are popular all over the world – this gives a huge plus if it is necessary to replace elements when moving to another country.

You can personally verify their high quality and excellent characteristics after installation by contacting our dentistry.

Carrying out the procedure of dental implantation in the Dobrozub clinic, you can be sure of the professionalism of our doctors. We not only regularly take part in training courses from world stars of dentistry, but also teach for Ukrainian specialists ourselves.

Straumann implants price in Kyiv

Импланты Straumann Roxolid SLA
18 900 грн.
Швейцарские импланты
Импланты Straumann Roxolid SLActive
20 700 грн.
Швейцарские импланты
Установка формирователя десны Straumann
4 200 грн.
Установка multi-unit абатмента с защитным колпачком Straumann
5 300 грн.
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