The cost of dental implantation in the clinic “Dobrozub”

On this page you can get acquainted with the current prices for installing a dental implant in Dobrozub dentistry. If you have any questions, you can get a free consultation by filling out the “Make an Appointment” form, writing to us in the online chat or by phone numbers:

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Straumann implantation

The price includes: sterile set, anesthesia, suturing + suture material itself, removal of sutures and examination.

Straumann Ti Sla – titanium implants, which have a size of 4.1 mm, are made of Grade 4 pure titanium, which has good biocompatibility.

Straumann Roxolid Sla are titanium-zirconium alloy implants that have no alternatives in the world in terms of biocompatibility and strength ratio.

Straumann Roxolid Sla Active Premium – the implant has the best biocompatibility, strength, hydrophilicity and survival due to manufacturing and delivery in a package without oxygen access to the implant surface. This allows you to accelerate engraftment by 1 month (compared to other analogues). Recommended for patients with diabetes and osteoporosis.

Straumann Implant Installation
from 775 €
Immediate implantation
1050 €
removal with installation of an implant
Turnkey imlantation
from 1350 €
bundle offer *

* The offer is valid if the patient pays the full amount at the time of installation. Includes all necessary steps and a total discount of 15%, placement of a Straumann Roxolid implant, placement of a gum former and fabrication and placement of a zirconia crown with an ultra-polished subgingival part.

All components, stages, inspections, materials and workmanship of the highest quality are included in the amount.

Pay attention!

We have selected the best manufacturers of implants – Dobrozub clinic uses the highest quality solutions.

A lifetime warranty is provided from the manufacturer for the product, as well as 5 years of warranty support for the procedure from our clinic.

It is important to understand that a properly installed implant is for life.

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