Courses for dentists

We try to keep abreast of global trends, progressive methods in the treatment of our patients – all the courses that we conduct are based on evidence-based medicine and provide a clear step-by-step protocol for the implementation of each technique.

It’s no secret that the patient’s expectations are the ideal result with a minimum number of visits. Each technique we practice is selected depending on many factors, such as: age, defect area, bone type, bad habits, condition of the gums and periodontium, and much more.

We will look at all options and teach you how to choose the right protocol for each situation. We will help you gain credibility among colleagues and patients by providing a new level of dental services. We divide training into categories, each of which contains a theoretical and practical part. Further you will be able to get acquainted with them.

Individual training is available, where the maximum amount of time is devoted to answering your questions. For the course, it is advisable to pre-prepare questions, photos and 3D images to get the maximum benefit.

Immediate implantation and immediate loading

  • Atraumatic tooth extraction options.
  • Choice of type, length, implant platform.
  • The choice of material for bone augmentation.
  • Making a temporary structure, modification at different stages.
  • Accurate transfer of formed tissues to the laboratory.
  • Options for changing soft tissues due to the profile of the restoration.
  • Choice of a permanent structure.
MegaGen импланты | Фото 1 - Стоматология Доброзуб
Fracture of the tooth root. The patient notes that previous attempts at surgical treatment were made, as evidenced by scars on the mucosa.


MegaGen импланты | Фото 2 - Стоматология Доброзуб
Extraction, implantation by the Socket Shield method, gum plastic were performed.


MegaGen импланты | Фото 3 - Стоматология Доброзуб
Making a temporary crown with the correct shape of the subgingival part.


MegaGen импланты | Фото 4 - Стоматология Доброзуб
Photo taken a few months after surgery. There is good bone stability.

Bone plastic

  • Horizontal and vertical augmentation.
  • Types of bone defects.
  • Types of bone materials.
  • Frame and frameless augmentation techniques.
  • Use of collagen, titanium, PTFE membranes.
  • Choice of fixing elements.
Костная пластика | Фото 1 - Стоматология Доброзуб
Bone grafting – before and after


Restoration of bone height in the posterior mandible with a PTFE membrane


Gingival plastic surgery

All types of gum plasticclosing recessions, creating an attached keratinized gingiva, working in the aesthetic zone, types and collection of grafts, restoration of interdental papillae, deepening of the vestibule.

Пластика десны | Фото 1 - Стоматология Доброзуб
Gum plastic using 2 methods – transplantation of a free graft and a deployed flap on a nourishing pedicle.


Пластика десны | Фото 2 - Стоматология Доброзуб
Result after 3 months. The optimal amount of tissue for a future crown is the key to bone stability around implants.

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