Ivan Alexandrovych Burbyga

Welcome to the website of our clinic! My name is Ivan Burbyga, and I am the chief physician of the DOBROZUB dental clinic. Doctors, assistants, administrators – all of us are more than just a clinic, because we are a friendly team of professionals united by love for healthy teeth, brilliant smiles and good work.

We are sure that the time has come for a new dentistry in Ukraine – without superstitions, fears and shortages. Every year, we take dozens of courses and together participate in international conferences in order to guarantee the patients of the DOBROZUB clinic world-class dental services. By the way, in our work we use state-of-the-art equipment and the best materials awarded with the Dental Advisor award.

Pain-free treatment, advanced technologies, sterility at every stage, quality guarantee and our treatment of the patient as a good friend – all this makes DOBROZUB a truly unique and perhaps the most comfortable dental clinic in Ukraine.

Our principles

Dentistry is no longer frightening! Advanced technologies, ultrasound, the possibility of sleep treatment in combination with the skill of DOBROZUB doctors can radically change your perception of dentistry and get rid of dentophobia forever.

5-year guarantee for all medical services! Our doctors are constantly improving their qualifications. And the state-of-the-art equipment and advanced materials of the DOBROZUB clinic are selected according to world trends and ratings. Therefore, we are confident in the quality of our services for all 32 teeth.

The patient is the main character for us! Therefore, each of our meetings is planned individually. Even if you can only visit the clinic on weekends or late at night, we are still working and happy to make your teeth healthier!

Frequently asked questions

We work only with the best materials and the latest equipment, which is why we give a 5-year guarantee on all main services, whether it is implantation, installation of ceramic veneers or root canal treatment.

We use only the best implant systems: Straumann and Osstem, whose experience, quality and model range are recognized by dentists all over the world. During the consultation, the doctor of the DOBROZUB clinic selects the implant that best matches the individual clinical case. We even have implants recommended for diabetes.

Implant placement, like all other procedures in our clinic, is painless and comfortable for the patient. And in case of overwhelming fear before the procedure, the patient can spend it in a comfortable sleep. Moreover, during the operation, we make and fix a temporary crown so that you can see a new smile when you sleep.

More than 60 years have passed since the first implants in history were installed, and today every aspect of implantation is thoroughly studied. Therefore, it is safe to say that the implant must integrate after each implantation. And in the DOBROZUB clinic, you can also install implants that take root in just 30 days.

Insufficient bone volume can prevent implant placement. In this and other cases (less than 1.5 mm of bone on the sides of the installed implant, aesthetic work to eliminate defects), we perform bone plastic and gum plastic. The procedures are carried out using bone materials and equipment from Swiss manufacturers Geistlich, Straumann, Bien Air and under the control of a microscope, which allows you to avoid large swellings and speed up the healing of the surgical site.

Whitening takes place in the dentist’s office and usually takes 1-2 sessions. In order to effectively whiten teeth in 1 session, it is necessary to use chemical reactions and professional lamps to speed up the procedure. This somewhat affects the tooth structure and leads to increased sensitivity, but it has a short-term effect. DOBROZUB works according to a method where the patient can independently control the procedure in the doctor’s office and continues to follow certain recommendations at home. This provides a long-term effect, stability of the tooth structure and even strengthening of the enamel due to the use of components for remineralization.

Before veneers placement, we conduct a diagnosis of the dental system and make a digital model of the smile. By trying it on the oral cavity, we can see which teeth need to be prepared, and which can be covered with veneers even without treatment. During the preparation, we use optical magnification systems, which make it possible to control the preparation at the micro level and produce ultra-thin veneers.

In 90% of cases, what other dentists call a cyst, in the DOBROZUB clinic, turns out to be inflammation around the tooth root, caused by the activity of microorganisms in the inflamed canal. Our endodontist (with experience of more than 17,000 treated canals) uses a state-of-the-art dental microscope, which guarantees maximum cleanliness of the root canal system.

In the absence of such diseases as periodontitis or chronic inflammation of the gums (gingivitis), it is enough to undergo professional hygiene twice a year. At DOBROZUB, patients can have a comfortable and high-quality cleaning, remove supragingival and subgingival dental deposits, as well as receive good recommendations for self-hygiene and care for problem areas.

We remove broken instruments, pins and other foreign objects from the teeth under a microscope and with the help of special ultrasound equipment. Moreover, DOBROZUB doctors will not only save your teeth, but also restore them to their ideal shape.

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