Oleg D.

Worn teeth and reduced bite height are a very frequent companion of business people. The proportions of the teeth change, the width dominates the length.

Gradually wearing down, the teeth look for new positions, which are given by the maximum number of contacts. We find the height of the bite and the position of the teeth, which will be convenient for the joints. Restoring the youth of the smile is accompanied by the restoration of the height of the bite and the unloading of the joints.

Crystal veneers are made using a technology that provides strength and naturalness at the same time.

To obtain this result, we carried out implantation, bone plastic and soft tissue plastic, simultaneous implantation at the same time as tooth extraction, canal relining and installation of Crystal veneers. A complete digital protocol in surgical and orthopedic rehabilitation ensures precision at every stage.

An important feature of every healthy smile is the visibility of the teeth. Desired guidelines are set when modeling the new shape and length of teeth in a digital laboratory. Return of the natural visualization of the cutting edges of the teeth from under the upper lip when smiling.

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