Dental implantation

Our clinic is aimed at forming a clear idea in the patient about high-quality and painless dental treatment. We participate in international courses and conferences, we conduct implantation training for dentists. We use original materials of the highest quality. We use a microsurgical approach – that’s why we are confident that the rehabilitation will take place quickly, and the implants will function for a long time!


When dental implantation is used

  • When a tooth needs to be removed, it is possible to immediately place an implant – immediate implantation is used.
  • When the tooth is missing, Straumann implantation is used.
  • When there are no teeth or the remaining teeth need to be removed – we use “All on 4” or “All on 6” technology.
  • Painless operation without swelling – implantation in a dream.


What implants do we use:

Straumann implants (Switzerland), Learn more → Straumann implants - Dobrozub dentistry

Osstem implants (South Korea), Learn more → Osstem implants - Dobrozub dentistry

MegaGen implants (South Korea), Learn more → MegaGen implants - Dobrozub dentistry

Nobel Biocare implants (USA), Learn more → Nobel Biocare Implants - Dobrozub Dentistry


Implantation of teeth Photo 1 - Dobrozub Dentistry
Replacement of a broken central incisor with a Straumann implant. Also, the adjacent tooth was restored with a ceramic veneer. Stage of taking impressions.

Dental implantation is a modern and popular method of tooth restoration. Installing an implant is a procedure that takes no more than 30 minutes. But in the absence of a sufficient volume of bone tissue, both the installation procedure itself and the grafting process may take longer. Dental implantation is a complex procedure, and the result will definitely exceed all your expectations.

An implant is a titanium root-shaped structure that is installed in the bone tissue in the place where the tooth used to be. It is an artificial tooth root. A crown or support for a bridge prosthesis is installed on the dental implant. If you are interested in tooth implantation, Kyiv is the city where our dentistry works, we are specialists in this area. Proof of this is the multitude of our dental trainees, whom we help to reach a new level of quality in the performance of this procedure.

Implantation of teeth Photo 2 - Dentistry Dobrozub
Individually made abutment and tooth have different luminescence and transparency. It is very important to make crowns that will give a uniform color.


We recommend watching the video on the topic “Implantation of teeth. Let’s dot all the i’s”!


Dental implants are the best way to restore lost teeth!

Teeth on implants is the optimal option for restoring previously lost teeth. In more than 90% of cases, the installation of an implant solves this problem. The essence of the method is to install a pin, which is assigned the support function of the tooth or bridge being installed.

The main advantages of implants

  • Healthy teeth are not subject to subsequent grinding.
  • Absolutely any teeth are subject to restoration.
  • Aesthetically, this is the best option, especially in the area of the front teeth.
  • The possibility of solving the problem of partial or complete adentia (absence of teeth).
  • Excellent chewing efficiency.
  • Bone atrophy is prevented.
  • A variety of options for prosthetics.

Due to the introduction of modern technologies, implants have received many positive changes. They are distinguished by good quality, durability and accuracy of all details. If the operation is carried out correctly, having previously passed the diagnosis, determined the features and indications for the procedure, the implant will last a lifetime.

Implantation of teeth Photo 3 - Dobrozub Dentistry
Highly aesthetic designs that have optical properties similar to tooth enamel.


Preparation for dental implantation

There are no personal contraindications, restrictions to the placement of dental implants. Complete implant rejection is an extremely rare phenomenon today.

Before carrying out tooth implantation, all possible risks should be excluded, and for this it will be necessary to determine the state of the bone tissue and gums in the area where the future tooth will be placed.

If the patient suffers from a high level of sugar, his chronic diseases are at the stage of exacerbation, dental implantation can be postponed until the person’s condition normalizes. Tooth implantation will not be performed if the person suffers from such diseases as HIV, syphilis, mental disorders, deviations (for certain psychological problems, sedation treatment is possible).

At the preparatory stage, professional oral hygiene is performed, tartar, deposits, and plaque are removed. For good rooting, existing caries must be cured, tooth canals with foci of inflammation must be treated and restored.

The final decision to place a dental implant is influenced by the indicators of the X-ray examination, computer tomography of the jaw, on the basis of which the density and volume of bone tissue are estimated.

Implantation of teeth photo:

Implantation of teeth Photo 4 - Dobrozub Dentistry
The most difficult thing when restoring two teeth was to harmoniously fit the new structures into the overall picture. The technician worked on the microrelief and created the illusion of microcracks for maximum naturalness.


The process of tooth implantation: an algorithm of actions

When the preparatory stage is over, the installation process begins:

  • The bone bed is being prepared to place dental implants.
  • They form a setting channel and screw in a titanium pin.
  • Next comes the stage of healing, root growth, which takes up to 3-6 months. During this period, the following options are possible in the area of the operation – simple gingiva, installation of a gingival former and immediate loading of a temporary crown.
  • After the specified period of time, when the implant has taken root, casts are removed for a permanent structure.
  • An abutment is a connecting element between an implant and a tooth crown. Although the abutment is located in the gum and is not visible to the eye, it is very important what shape it is and what material it is made of. Our choice is aesthetic, durable and fully biocompatible zircon.
  • Crown – this element is visible in the mouth, it was for its sake that all the manipulations were carried out. We make crowns from high-quality materials – ceramics and zircon, which are deeply painted, creating the optical effect of a real tooth.
  • The obtained crown is installed on the abutment – this is the final stage of implantation.
Implantation of teeth Photo 5 - Dobrozub Dentistry
Fracture of the tooth root. The patient notes that previous attempts at surgical treatment were made, as evidenced by scars on the mucosa.


What affects the durability of installed dental implants

Dental implants in Kyiv are performed in many dentists. But it is necessary to remember – in order for it to be successful, it is necessary to observe all measures and check the following factors:

  • what is the thickness of the bone where the implant will be installed – according to the norms, this indicator should be more than 1.5 mm on each side of the implant;
  • the thickness of the gum should be at least 3 millimeters;
  • the presence of keratinized (fixed, attached) gums.

How durable dental implants will be after the treatment stage is completed depends on how well personal oral hygiene and cleanliness around the implants are observed.

The qualification, knowledge, experience and abilities of the doctor who will be engaged in implantation are important.

Implantation of teeth Photo 6 - Dentistry Dobrozub
Extraction, implantation by the Socket shield method, gum plastic were performed.

Also, the success of the operation depends on the quality of modern tooth implantation. In the case of poorly made dentures or the use of non-original components, the formation of subgingival plaque, loss of bone tissue occurs, and ultimately – the loss of the implant.

Dental implants will last much longer if they are systematically examined by a hygienist for professional and high-quality cleaning of the area around the implant. This procedure should be carried out once every 3-6 months, depending on the level of hygiene.

Implantation of teeth Photo 7 - Dobrozub Dentistry
Making a temporary crown with the correct shape of the subgingival part.


Precautions after dental implantation

While the dental implant will take root, it is better to avoid hot food and solid products. It is necessary to grind the food before its consumption. For sleep, prefer a high pillow. For the first few days, mouth baths made of an antiseptic should be used without rinsing.

After the installation of the dental implant, do not visit the sauna and bathhouse, solarium, refuse long flights and physical exertion. Pay attention to your well-being – if there is a strong sharp pain, the temperature will rise – an urgent consultation with a dentist is necessary.

Implantation of teeth Photo 8 - Dentistry Dobrozub
Photo taken a few months after surgery. There is good bone stability.


Reasons for resorting to dental implantation

Sometimes people believe that the absence of one tooth in a person’s dentition will not affect anything, no changes will occur, but it is necessary to put a dental implant because:

  • The features of the face change – in the absence of teeth, the corners of the mouth droop, the lips droop a little, the nasolabial folds look more noticeable. The face “grows up” very quickly.
  • The formation of psychological discomfort – even with 100% confidence in one’s flawlessness, smiling with missing teeth is not beautiful. По этой причине часто улыбка прикрывается, изменяется тип общения с другими людьми.
  • Speech is disturbed even if one tooth is missing.
  • The tooth row is crooked, adjacent, opposing teeth can loosen or fall out. Also, the teeth often cover the hole caused by the removal, thus the dentition, the geometry of the smile, and the bite are disturbed.
  • The destruction of teeth due to the fact that their loss leads to displacement of the tooth row, cracks appear, where food gets stuck, microbes and caries develop.
  • Gum volume decreases. If tooth implantation is delayed for a long period of time, the bone will sag, a notch will appear. In this case, the installation of the implant is more complicated, because first it is necessary to restore the lost tissues.
  • Problems with the digestive tract – chewing food due to the absence of a tooth is not so thorough and qualitative, which contributes to problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Even when one tooth is missing, food is chewed worse, since the opposite tooth is also not involved in the process.

In order to prevent all possible complications, unforeseen situations, dental implants should be placed 2-3 months after the tooth was removed or lost, or even better, at the time of tooth extraction.

Immediate implantation helps preserve the bone and gum contour, and it is often possible to immediately install a temporary crown. This makes it possible not to be without a tooth for a single day, and after grafting, replace the crown with a permanent one.

Implantation of teeth Photo 9 - Dentistry Dobrozub
Стабильная десна, через 3 месяца после удаления зуба. The shape and contour of the gums are preserved.


Types of tooth implantation

Modern dental implantation of teeth includes such types with certain properties and features.

Immediate dental implantation (or express implantation). The implant is placed immediately after the problematic tooth has been removed. This method is good because it is possible to solve two problems at once – to remove a diseased tooth and to put an artificial one without additional intervention.

Implantation of teeth Photo 10 - Dentistry Dobrozub
An individual zirconium crown and abutment was made. Поддесневой профиль реставрации имеет гармоничную, природную форму.

There are three types of express method:

  1. As soon as the pin has been inserted, the gum is sutured and the complete healing is waited for, only after that the following stages can be carried out.
  2. The installation of the implant is carried out together with the gum former, which contributes to the preservation of the natural contour of the oral mucosa.
  3. An artificial root is installed, a temporary crown is immediately placed. After successful and complete rooting, the root is covered with a permanent crown.

Two-stage dental implantation is much more common, it is preferred in the case of replacement of chewing teeth, areas hidden when smiling.

This method consists of installing an implant, installing an abutment and a crown. Between these two stages, you need to wait for a period of 3-6 months, waiting for the complete implantation of the implant, restoration of bone tissue. This method takes more time, but this type of tooth replacement has the least number of risks.

Only a dentist-implantologist, who has experience in using different methods, after conducting additional research and diagnostics, can determine which method of implantation can be used.

Implantation of teeth Photo 11 - Dentistry Dobrozub
The result after fixing the structure. The accuracy of the manufacture makes it possible to fix without anesthesia and adjustment to the bite.


How to care for teeth after implantation

After the placement of the implant in Kyiv, the doctor develops individual recommendations for oral care. In this case, attention is paid to the age of the patient, especially the gums and grooming habits.

After dental implants have been placed, the following rules and recommendations must be followed:

  • Within 10 days after tooth implantation is carried out, it is necessary to reduce the load on the part of the jaw where the implant was screwed. Therefore, do not eat solid foods, give up smoking, alcohol, instead of brushing your teeth with a toothbrush and paste, give preference to rinsing with antiseptic agents.
  • Bleeding after a dental implant has been placed is associated with eating hot food or trauma to the suture area, so it is better to replace it with a cool one and chew on the other side.
  • After tooth implantation, dryness and cracks may form in the corners of the mouth, so this area should be thoroughly moistened with a cream or hygienic lipstick.

After a dental implant is installed, further care of the person does not differ from those rules of hygiene that must be observed by everyone. Interdental space, periodontal area require special attention. It is worth brushing your teeth twice a day, after each meal, rinse your mouth, it is better to use an irrigator.

Implantation of teeth photo work:

Implantation of teeth Photo 12 - Dentistry Dobrozub

The postoperative period requires compliance with recommendations

After the dental implant has been installed, it is necessary to:

  • Chewing of food is done on the opposite side from the suture.
  • After a meal, you need a bath to rinse your mouth, for this, antiseptics are used.
  • It is better not to use hard products, it is better to refrain from products with long, intense chewing in order to avoid excessive muscle tension.

If you follow these simple rules, the postoperative period will pass quickly and without complications.


Indications and contraindications

Indications when it is necessary to put implants:

  • With complete or partial absence of a tooth or teeth.
  • If the jaw has some anatomical defects.
  • Removable dental prostheses are individually intolerable.
  • It is necessary to leave the neighboring teeth “alive”.
  • Want to get an aesthetic and long-term result.

Implantation of teeth Photo 13 - Dentistry Dobrozub


  • Allergic reaction to all anesthetics and their components.
  • Psychological diseases at a progressive stage, diseases of the nervous system.
  • There are blood diseases.
  • Type 1 diabetes.
  • Malignant tumors.

Dental implantology is not recommended:

  • During pregnancy.
  • With an insufficient level of oral hygiene.
  • If a person abuses alcohol, drugs, tobacco products.
  • The following diseases are present: periodontitis, caries, periodontitis, infectious diseases in the oral cavity without prior treatment.


Implantation of teeth price in Kyiv

The price includes: sterile kit, anesthesia, application of sutures + suture material, removal of sutures and examination.

Straumann imlantation
500 €
Turnkey implantation
from 1350 €


Dental implantation can also be carried out in a dream if a person is haunted by a strong sense of fear even at the thought of being in the dental chair.

Our dental implant clinic offers a solution to the problem of missing teeth, using high-quality innovative equipment, advanced technologies, the best materials, knowledge and experience of our specialists.

Carrying out the procedure of dental implantation in the Dobrozub clinic, you can be sure of the professionalism of our doctors. We not only regularly take part in training courses from world stars of dentistry, but also teach for Ukrainian specialists ourselves.

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