Teeth alignment

Alignment of teeth in Kyiv dentistry

Uneven teeth are often a problem that is “programmed” from childhood – frequent thumb sucking or mouth breathing. Uneven teeth are a problem not only of the teeth, but also of the joints, muscles of the face and neck.

The dento-alveolar system is a refined structure in which many details are taken into account: each tooth has its own antagonist (teeth opposite), each tubercle moves along the slopes and grooves of other teeth. And this is possible only when all the teeth are present and they are restored in time. In all other cases, there are programmed changes.

Causes of uneven teeth

With breathing problems or bad habits, the shape of the jaw itself changes, and the teeth begin to run out of space, this forms various orthodontic anomalies. Over time, this leads to problems with the temporomandibular joint and muscles.

Immediately after the tooth extraction, the antagonist begins to move in front of it into an empty place, while blocking some movements of the jaw. The teeth, which are located on different sides of the removed ones, begin to converge towards the defect, eventually closing the gap, and forming a niche for food debris under them.

Types of teeth alignment

Only after drawing up a complete treatment plan and conducting all the examinations (for example, a picture of the joints, CT or TRH diagnostics), the dentist makes a forecast on the methods and duration of teeth alignment.

Treatment options are transparent Invisalign mouthguards, sapphire braces. At intermediate stages, plates and microimplants can be used.

Our dentistry cooperates only with the best orthodontists in Kyiv, since the complexity of planning and the whole process of teeth alignment in Kyiv cannot be overestimated, and after removing the braces, the result should be 100%!

Teeth alignment — price in Kyiv

Alignment of teeth with transparent Invisalign mouthguards (Invisalign)
from 5700 €
Alignment of teeth with braces (for one jaw)
from 750 €
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