Periapical X-ray

Periapical X-ray | Photo 1 - Dentistry Dobrozub

Periapical dental x-ray in dentistry in Kyiv

Periapical dental x-ray is an additional research method that is used to control some stages of root canal treatment or caries diagnosis in areas that are closed from the eyes.

Dentistry Dobrozub uses a modern Vatech Ezray Air device – completely wireless, which makes it possible to take a picture on a computer in a matter of seconds without getting up from the chair. So you no longer need to walk around the clinic with your mouth open to get a picture of the tooth during the procedure.

This device is registered in Ukraine as absolutely safe for the patient, the doctor, and has an exposure that is approximately equal to the dose of a banana eaten for breakfast.

The Vatech Ez visiograph has an ultra-sensitive sensor, so the radiation dose is as low as possible, and the image quality is certainly one of the best.

Periapical dental x-ray — price in Kyiv

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