Panoramic x-ray of teeth

Panoramic x-ray of teeth (orthopantomogram) | Photo 1 - Dentistry Dobrozub

Panoramic x-ray of teeth OPTG (orthopantomogram) is a picture of all teeth, which is performed for general primary diagnosis and detection of hidden pathologies. It is now recommended to take this type of dental x-ray once a year to control the occurrence of caries or inflammation around the tooth, and to eliminate it in the initial stages!

Panoramic x-ray of teeth (orthopantomogram) | Photo 2 - Dentistry Dobrozub

We conduct these studies on the cutting-edge Finnish Planmeca apparatus. This is one of the world leaders in accuracy, which produces significantly lower doses of radiation than inexpensive analogues.

Panoramic X-ray of teeth price in Kyiv

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